Ready to recruit? We’re here to help!

Not sure where to start with your tutor recruitment? We’ve created an easy-to-use toolkit of materials so you can feel confident in knowing you’re on your way to recruiting some great talent. Some of the best tutors are often people who already have a connection to you or your school. And with the provided training, anyone can make a great tutor! Make sure people know your students need help for the upcoming school year. Download the kit below, which includes a new quick-reference guide for using your recruitment tools. With your help, we know this year can be more!


Utilize all the tools below and maximize results for your students.

By sharing this content and asking others to share it, you can expand your reach and increase your recruitment efforts exponentially! Download the kit and review:

  • Digital Tools 101, a quick reference guide

  • Social media posts and graphics

  • Website blurbs for your employment page

  • Email blurbs and graphics for newsletters

  • A sample letter to the editor for your local paper

All sites will also receive a kit by mail. If you have not recieved your kit, please email <email link> and we will send one your way.

Remember, if you still need more ideas or guidance, we’re here to support you! Contact us at <email> or <phone> after reviewing your kit. Thank you for your effort in recruiting our Minnesota tutors!

Principals Share Ideas That Worked

"I reached out to our high school guidance counselor. She helped me connect with students looking for a gap year and also helped by hanging posters and distributing flyers."

"We reached out to volunteers already giving their time to our students."

"I worked with human resources to connect with applicants who weren't hired but showed great potential."

"I connected with staff in our building who were .5 FTE and found one who was interested in tutoring part time."

Be Rewarded

Principles and coaches — Know someone who is ready to be the difference in a student’s life? Refer a new tutor candidate and receive a limited-edition softshell jacket! Email or call 866.859.2825.