Be proud of the difference you’ve made in Minnesota.

Thank your for giving your time to Minnesota ReadingCorps and Minnesota MathCorps. Your commitment has made an impact on the future of many students. Another way to support the programs and inspire others to become a tutor is to share your experience both socially and professionally. A major source of our incoming tutors come in through existing tutors like you!



Share your tutor experience and influence others to be more.

Help keep our programs strong by reflecting on your experience as a tutor. Think about things that inspired you, milestones your students reached, or something you learned along the way. We just need a few sentences today.

I’m 3 months in as a Minnesota ReadingCorps tutor. I joined because I wanted to help students succeed to be more. If I can do this, you can do this.
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Be visible with your experience and share it with your professional network.

Whether or not you tutor for work experience, it’s important to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with this experience. Both are ways others in your network could become introduced to tutoring. If you’re not certain how to share your experience, we have created a template you can download and customize for your own materials.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you follow us on LinkedIn to stay connected professionally.